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We offer our expertise in professional management practices and modern systems to our expanding affiliate network. The waste industry is highly fragmented with need for high level management.

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We Have 9 Years of Experience in Waste Management

Shri Swastik enterprises is an MP best recyclable West management company specialising disposal of food, cosmetic packaging material etc. West in proper and scientific manner. We are authorized food west recycler/disposal firm approved by MPPCB  (M.P Pollution Control Board).


Our Company commits to engendering a standard of excellence by providing a high quality service for the disposal of waste and ensuring that this service is always conducted in an environmentally  friendly manner. We completely recycle all types of waste including Glass, plastic and various metals.

Shri Swastik Enterprises are committed to developing and deploying a portfolio of proprietary engineering and technologies that can extract maximum value from end-of-life assets while minimizing environmental impact.

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Industries We Serve

  • Collection of recyclable waste from customer sites.


  • Collections are free provided the items weigh more than one ton or fill a one ton capacity.


  • Buying and disposing of excess and redundant equipment.


  • Secure waste destruction including certificate of waste destruction.


  • Warehouse clear-outs.


  • Other specialized services can be offered based on customer requirements.
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We Are Trusted Over 10+ Cities in India

Shri Swastik Enterprises recognizes the waste is a global problem that requires a global solution. We are therefore committed to developing and managing a PAN India presence, with primary focus on the growing markets in India.

Shri Swastik Enterprises now has a presence of collecting center whole India.