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We Have 9 Years of Experience in Waste Management

Our Company commits to engender a standard of excellence by providing a high quality service for the disposal of waste and ensuring that this service is always conducted in an environmentally friendly manner. We completely recycle all types of waste including Glass, plastic and various metals.

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We offer solution for recyclable waste

Shri Swastik Enterprises is available to assist you in disposal of waste in proper and scientific manner. We are committed towards creating a quality waste recycling program to assist organization in treating their waste in a safe manner.

We offer our expertise in professional management practices and modern systems to our expanding affiliate network.  We conforms to strict enviromental recycling requirements and best practices.

We follow an open door policy and take pride in our people, our controlled recycling  processes and what we have achieved in a sustainable way to protect our environment.

 We are continously monitoring and improving processes related to food waste, cosmetic, packaging material, etc recycling.

We Provide the best waste pickup service

Shri Swastik Enterprises recognizes that waste is a global problem that requires a global solution. We are therefore commmitted to developing and managing a PAN India presence, with primary focus on the Growing Markets in India.

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The life cycle of plastic is strewn with contradictions which have enormous repercussions on the health of the planet. Plastic as a material is designed to last forever but a staggering 43% (70Lakh MT/year) of products are in fact single use and throw. Of this packaging alone contributes 80% to the total quantum of plastics coming into the system. Over the last 50 years, just 9% of this plastic has been recycled.